Signite Inc.
Web System Development
with “Google Maps”


We have changed our company name from Nagagutsu Club Inc to
“Signite Inc.”.
We would appreciate your continued support.

“Signite” of our company name comes from ” We Ignite any and all needs around the world with our Smart and Creative Technology. ~ Smart, Ignition, Technology ~”
We will provide you with our service full of dreams.
For changing your “Idea” to “Reality”, we will provide comprehensive support for your business utilizing System Development and the Internet.



In order to meet our clients' needs, we offer various IT services such as Map solution with Google Maps API and Web System Development utilizing database which is also available for smart device.

『MAP SOLUTION』location_on

Build-up for database system "by" using Google Maps

Using Google Maps, we build up database system for visualization and operational efficiency. Furthermore, we supply database system for visualization of operations & outputting data you typed as forms easily.

"We shall be pleased to comply
with your request."

Custom-Made Service


For clients who wish to build their own systems, We have provided Build-up service of Web system using "Latest technology" we built through developing a number of systems and also "UI (user-intuitive) technology", since our founding. We suggest the optimal architecture plan from small to large scale at client's request. All we need is an idea and a simple image.

"Teamwork" is one of the most important things for us.

Sales Team

As a clients liaison, in charge of helping to change your “Idea” to “Reality”.

Engineering Development Team

In charge of Technology Development and Web System Production.

Quality Management Team

Contributes to service quality and higher customer satisfaction.

We are looking for new members!


OUR WORK was published!
Our company name has been changed from “Nagagutsu-Club Inc.” to “Signite Inc.”.
We wish to continue your support in the future.
SmartGarage Map was uploaded.
Home Page was relaunched.
Pricing of production and system development was revised.
Please ask Sales team in detail.